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This series benefits “Attention Magic” which is a 501c3 which can sponsor magicians who perform this magic program.

To support this program, please subscribe to the series. All subscriptions support our public charity. You can give your subscription to performers of any variety and they may find an effect to add to their programs!

Just think of all the golden rule images you will create by giving a subscription to someone!

We love the golden rule!

Since 2013, “Attention, Magic and the Golden Rule” (The Golden Rule Magician) has been seen by over 200,000 students in live school auditoriums and theaters. The schools pay nothing for the amazing, motivating program. The teachers use the lesson plan in their classrooms for years after.

Our non profit needs your support to continue offering this presentation to schools. Our grant writing team is here for your foundations. If you or your foundation want to help, our program is here to serve. As for the impressions per dollar per student, our ratio is the best in the industry. This needs explanation, but it’s true. One great presentation on the Golden Rule with amazing, meaningful magic scenarios and effects makes for lasting impressions which enable our students to act and choose their behaviors intentionally according to values. Since magician’s know they are blessed (and must work hard) to make a living doing a good show, we have a unique formula which makes the investment value super high. The cost per impression and the depth of the impressions make your donations financially a great success.

Discount for first-20-magicians at IBM 2024:
CODE: ibmgrm50

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