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The Golden Rule Magician, Magical Perspectives, Conscience Camp and work with Attention

Golden Rule Magician

How to become and how to book a touring Golden Rule Magician for educational programs.

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Magical Perspectives, how to work with Attention, the role of Conscience and the Golden Rule


Attention Magic relies on your giving while we provide our programs to schools, camps and educational events for no charge.

When a quality changes and the change is undetectable, we sometimes call that magic!

Focused attention, concentrated attention can be used to see ourselves and each other. When we put our attention on both, we begin to use The Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” And there are over 1000 ways to phrase this timeless, universal principle. For example: “If you are going to poke a bird in the bushes with a stick, try poking yourself first.” See more formulations!

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Dreams, Magic and Miracles

Book of illusions invented by Steffan Soule with Cooper Edens


Curated look at the power of Attention, the art of magic and how to use the Golden Rule

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