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Donate now to the program dedicated to sharing Conscience as a way and an attainment. Learn the tools that transform our being to the level of having genuine conscience as a faculty to help us choose our lives intentionally.

The image showing for this donation listing is to remind us that three Cosmic Impulses are the sources of all Will.

Join Conscience Camp 2024:
An Exploration of Gurdjieff Movements and Aikido

When: Saturday, August 17th, 10:00 am to 10:00 pm full day workshop
Where: Coupeville, WA

Featured Masters:

Tim Detmer: Traveled to Shingu, Japan in 1984 to study under Michio Hikitsuchi sensei. He has since lived and trained there. Hikitsuchi sensei dedicated his career to maintaining the spiritual aspects of Morihei Ueshiba osensei’s teachings, working towards world peace while grounded in the martial aspects of the art.
Carol Squire: Leads the Movements as Gurdjieff taught. She also guides groups in the fourth way methods.
Steffan Soule: Works with theory from the Work literature, practices the Movements, and explores the art of magic. Together with Carol, Steffan created Conscience Camp.

Workshop Focus:

We aim to explore Movements and Aikido, emphasizing basic aikido techniques and how they engineer conflict resolution, transforming conflict into harmony.


In the 1920s, two distinct forms of learning harmony through movement emerged: Ueshiba’s Aikido and Gurdjieff’s Movements. At last summer’s Conscience Camp, we learned to utilize the six fundamental cosmic laws derived from the three holy forces of creation. Aikido resonates with us as listeners of the third force. Gurdjieff’s framework allows attention to grow, making us more conscious and uniquely individual. Conscience connects us to the holy source, nourishing the soul.

Aikido and the Three Forces:

Aikido contains all three forces within each practitioner: affirming, denying and reconciling. As we work with Aikido master Tim Detmer, we explore the connection between conflict, resolution, and third force sight. Aikido physically embodies the flow of forces, allowing direct interaction with a master.

Event Details:

Date: August 17th (Saturday) full day workshop
Sessions: Before and after the full day workshop
Arrivals: Begin as early as Thursday, August 15th
Full Day: Saturday, August 17th
Work Sessions: Through lunch on Sunday the 18th
Optional: Trip to the Hoh Rainforest from Monday the 19th to Wednesday the 21st (with two overnights in Forks, WA)
Wrap-up: Thursday, August 22nd after breakfast in Coupeville
Join us for this transformative experience! 🌟

During this work period, we aim to reveal how conflict resolution is engineered into the movements and practice of Aikido while we awaken to see the third force in every interaction, identity, creation or change as it is occurring. Each of the three forces is holy. To see third force, one must contain both opposing forces. Aikido physically embodies the flow of forces such that regular people can interact with the forces while learning the art with a master. As we practice the Movements and Aikido, we will discuss the three forces, “A Symbol of the Cosmos and Its Laws” and Conscience.


August 15th, Thursday: Dinner at La Cana House, Friday: Work with Carol and Tim, reading with Steffan. Saturday, Aug 17th: full day workshop, Sunday: Work with Carol and Tim and Steffan, Monday 19th to Wednesday the 21st: TRAVEL TO AND EXPLORE THE HOH RAINFOREST with two overnights in FORKS, WA. Wednesday evening movies after the drive home. Thursday, Aug. 22nd, clean up, disband and return to normal; take something home with you!

To register:

Please send $55 to $110.00 to “Attention Magic.” Further donations will be accepted during the events. The trip to the Hoh Rain Forest will be funded individually by each participant, but in Coupeville, your food and lodging are covered from August 15th to the 19th by our previous fundraising efforts which are ongoing. Please join us for this very unique study and help us increase our capacity to lighten the world with joy.

Attention Magic
316 SE Pioneer Way #526
Oak Harbor, WA 98277

More on this work process we call Conscience Camp:
To those at CC studying the Three Forces, Six Triads, Digestion Enneagram with Understanding, Conscience and A Symbol of the Cosmos and It’s Laws along with the Movements, and special inner exercises…:

A triad is “the simplest multi-term system in which mutuality and relatedness begin to show their deep significance for understanding ourselves and the world in which we live. It is the molecular or basic element of all real experience, and as such it deserves and must receive a more detailed study than the incomplete system of the dyad.” (JGB DU v.II p. 100)
A triad is a three-term system that shows how different aspects of Will relate to each other in various ways. A triad can be represented by a triangle, with each vertex corresponding to one of the three terms. The three terms can be independent in nature and origin, or they can be derived from a higher unity or source.
A triad can also be seen as a manifestation of one of the three Cosmic Impulses, which are the sources of all Will in the world. The three Cosmic Impulses are the Affirming Impulse, the Denying Impulse, and the Reconciling Impulse. Each impulse has its own mode or quality of Will, which can be perceived by understanding.
A triad is the basic unit of real experience and understanding, as it involves the exercise of Will and the perception of modality. A triad has an endless variability that reflects the complexity and diversity of reality.

Conscience relates to the three forces and the triad in the following ways:
Conscience is a form of understanding that perceives the value and significance of different triads of Will in terms of their moral goodness or blameworthiness.
Conscience is based on one’s moral philosophy or value system, which is influenced by the three Cosmic Impulses or the sources of all Will in the world.
Conscience elicits emotion and rational associations, or feelings of obligation or shame, when one does something that conflicts or conforms with one’s conscience. These feelings are related to the affirming and denying forces that act on one’s Will.
Conscience impels one toward right action, which involves the exercise of one’s powers of attention, choice and decision. These powers are related to the reconciling force or the third force that enters into every situation.
The three Cosmic Impulses and the triad are not just abstract theories, but practical tools for living a more meaningful and fulfilling life. They will help you to understand yourself and the world better, and to act with more purpose and power.

Don’t miss this opportunity to study the three Cosmic Impulses and the triad. They will change your life for the better. 😊

The three Cosmic Impulses are the sources of all Will in the world, but man cannot perceive them as a whole because of his dualistic functions, which make him blind to the third force or the Reconciling Power.
The search for the Cosmic Impulses is a way of purifying the intellect and preparing for the growth of understanding, which is the subjective aspect of Will that allows man to perceive the value and significance of different modes of Will.
The intellect alone cannot attain understanding, but needs the variety and balance of experiences that provide the material for understanding. Understanding is also a gift of God, who ordains it through the action of the Reconciling Power.
Man can have no will of his own until he develops understanding, which brings his powers into an inner relationship that can respond to the manifestations of the Triad. Understanding also enables man to foresee the future by sensing the entry of the third force.

By studying the three Cosmic Impulses and the triad, you can develop your conscience in several ways. You can:
recognize the hidden forces that shape your life and the world, and how to align yourself with them for greater harmony and success.
purify your intellect and prepare for the growth of understanding, which are the keys to unlocking your potential and expressing your true nature.
appreciate the richness and diversity of reality, and how to value and respect different modes of Will.
gain control over your actions and decisions, and foresee the future by sensing the entry of the third force or the Reconciling Power.
Studying the three Cosmic Impulses and the triad will help you to cultivate your conscience as a power of Will that guides you toward right action. It will also help you to understand yourself and the world better, and to act with purpose and power.


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