Further Poker

Book and Kindle about the card magic routines in the mDeck.

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This book shows the attention to detail for every step of the routines which can be performed with mDeck1 and with mDeck2.

When we look at it, there is a cue card inside the app which will notate the entire routine. We have to study the cue card carefully of course in order to use it later, during a presentation. We need to go through each reference in rehearsal, every note, and verify it and choose how to remember it. This kind of attention work is important for people to be able to achieve. Our capacity to work more deeply with our attention is increased by this work. We memorize our form and sequence intentionally and with attention to our body, feelings and thoughts simultaneously. That’s a kind of a secret method for actualizing anything we can do. It’s the power of concentrated attention from the inside and a divided attention which can see, notice, be aware, or watch from above.

The proceeds of this book go to “Attention Magic” which is a 501c3 public charity supporting magic and arts and education about the golden rule as a universal principle which requires attention but makes a bit of goodness (magically, without a full explanation, it just works somehow).

At www.SteffanSoule.com/join people can schedule free meetings with Steffan to learn these routines.


The app is shown in this free pdf “https://steffansoule.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/mDeck-Brochure-4page-2024.pdf”
It is meant to be a dealers and students 4 Page sales and product guide.


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